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The Story, The Stickers, The Patches

The Story 

This is my original sketch from the summer of 2019. I was an Instructor Pilot in the T-38C at the time, so I took a picture with my helmet on, and quickly sketched up the idea. This sketch turned into the PVC patch you see below. I chose the phrase "fly like a girl" because similar phrases are used all the time, and they are almost always synonymous with "worse." This patch takes back that phrase and repurposes it. Yes, I fly like a girl, girls are awesome!

Original Fly like a girl.jpg

The Original Patch

 This "Fly Like a Girl" patch was originally planned to be a one time production for the AETC Women's Fly-in that year. However, once the patches were handed out - they took off! Over the years, I received lots of requests to make additional versions of the patch; versions that matched the diversity of women in aviation.

The New Patches

Representation Matters! You can't dream to be something that you don't know exists... So I made three new patches in order to better represent the spectrum of diversity within the aviation community!

new versions.jpg

How To Purchase

Head over to Bomber Patches  (linked below) to purchase!

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