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the Process.

If we haven't chatted about your commission  yet,  that's alright! Just shoot me a message on the contact tab at or DM me on instagram at @planeoldart.

Now for the fun stuff - we get to bring your vision to life! I'll start by having you describe what kind of art piece / design you are looking for. Once you give me some details I'll ask more followup questions to get us on a good vector as we head into the sketch phase. 

In the sketch phase I'll take all your inputs and create you a sketch that I think best represents what you are looking for. It's at this point where we do all the tweaking and editing to get the image just right. 

After you give me the thumbs up with the sketch,  I'll outline everything and then drop in colors. While I do this, I request that you submit payment via the appropriate link below!

 I'll present you with the final image and ask if you want anything tweaked prior to cleaning up some lines. After this is all done you'll receive a .JPEG raster file ( or a PDF/ PNG file upon request) that you can then take and get produced by whatever company you prefer! 

If you have any questions  about the process, please feel free to shoot me an email, and I'd be happy to chat!

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

custom poster design
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