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 Hello! My name is Melaine "HALO" Valentin and I love drawing and illustrating almost as much as I love flying fast jets! But make no mistake, art has always been my passion, long before I began my aviation journey. As I moved from undergraduate college student, to Undergraduate Pilot Training student, my art portfolio adapted - I traded murals and sketches in textbooks for digital patch designs and aircraft livery; most notably the T-7A paint scheme and the  "Fly Like A Girl" Patch! Now, as a fighter pilot, my portfolio includes a little bit of everything; pencil and paper sketches, prismacolor caricatures, leather jacket and helmet painting, fine art prints, and Procreate digital artwork for patches and stickers. I'm inspired by my bad-ass job to make kick-ass artwork, so let me make some for you!

My Portfolio

Here are some of my all- time favorites. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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