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the story.

Fly like a girl began in the summer of 2019. I was an Instructor Pilot in the T-38C at the time, so I took a picture with my helmet on, and quickly sketched up the idea. This sketch turned into the PVC patch you see today. I chose the phrase "fly like a girl" because "like a girl" is ubiquitous, and almost always synonymous with "worse." This patch takes back that phrase and repurposes it. Yes, I fly like a girl, girls are awesome! 


The "Fly Like a Girl" patch was originally planned to be a one time production for the AETC Women's Fly-in that year. However, once the patches were handed out - they took off! Over the years, I received lots of requests to make additional versions of the patch; versions that matched the diversity of women in aviation - and so four new patches were born.


Representation is so important. You can't dream of being something that you don't know exists - so putting a tangible picture into a young girl's hand is an incredibly powerful thing. And it's especially powerful when that representation has the same hair, skin, or eyes as they do - when they can see themselves in the patch. Sometimes all it takes is knowing that someone like you did it; they conquered the thing that seems so scary – and you can too. This patch gets that conversation started – and hopefully, it never stops! 

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